Step by step – Filleting fish

If you would like to fillet your salmon trout yourself, rather than having it done for you, you will need the right knife – a filleting knife (here from the profession line). Its elastic blade will permit you to closely work your way along the skin and bones.

252x168 fisch step1 01

First make a diagonal cut into the fish right below the head and as far as the backbone.

252x168 fisch step2 01

Then insert the blade under the flesh and guide it toward the tail, carefully separating it from the backbone.

252x168 fisch step3 01

Now place the filet on the side with the skin. Beginning near the tail, carefully separate the flesh from the skin. This works best if you hold the end of the skin tightly with one hand and guide the knife blade, slightly tilted, almost parallel to the skin.

252x168 fisch step4 01

Finally, remove the ventral fat, which is easy to recognize because it is lighter in color. Now the fish filet is finished.


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